This website is designed for runners who love running races. A place to inspire and to celebrate running achievements.

We don’t care how fast you ran races-only that you completed them.

We want to start by focusing on two things- Race medal collections & Race CV’s.

We want to be able to show off the World’s largest online collation of race medal collection photos. In order to do that we will ask our followers for photos of their medal collections to be able to add to our site. If you have a great medal collection and would like us to include it on our website please send us a photo of it and confirm that you are happy for us to publish it. We will rely on our followers to build up this collection.

We also want to show off a collection of runner CV’s to inspire other runners. Again, in order to do this we will require our followers to send us their runner CV’s, outlining the number, name and distances of races they have run.

Please check out our posts for more details.

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